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It's Jennifer Nicole Lee's birthday! I wonder how we should celebrate...

Yup, the woman with little to no right to constantly be featured on MovieHotties is getting her own birthday shrine! Our favorite fitness guru and fake bikini "candids" hottie Jennifer Nicole Lee turns 38-years-old today. You may think JNL has only been attracting attention with her T&A for a short while, but she's actually been in the public eye since 1996, when...

Jennifer Nicole Lee has a plausible excuse to pose for cameras at the Pain and Gain premiere

Anyone planning to check out PAIN AND GAIN this weekend? It looks like the kind of movie Michael Bay should be making (and he should stick with it), so a lot of future heartbreak could probably be saved by its success in theaters. I'll probably see it, if not for that, then for Jennifer Nicole Lee 's cameo, assuming she'll be in one of those string bikinis she has no idea how to tie....

Hot or Not: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Every so often, I feel compelled to do a Hot or Not featuring a dude instead of the expected chick. Why do I do this? Because there are female Schmoes around here too and not every single one of you dudes is hung-up about his sexuality to be able to declare another dude hot... or not. I would have preferred to tear into the co-star of PAIN AND GAIN instead of this other star of that...

Jennifer Nicole Lee works up a sweat playing volleyball

Everyone's favorite candid-staging hottie is back at it again, and this time with balls in hand. That's right, Jennifer Nicole Lee was out and about playing volleyball, sporting a high-cut tee stating "KISS MY ABS!" while a million grains of sand refused to let go of her ass. For those of you who still don't understand why this woman is famous at all, let me clear things up. Back in the...

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