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Amy Adams was the prettiest flower at the Palm Springs Film Festival

I'm already missing the Amy Adams boob show that went on while the actress was promoting her two big movies from last year, ARRIVAL and NOCTURNAL ANIMALS. Every other day we turned around to see her putting her decolletage on display as she worked the red carpet, sporting that huge grin of hers that just sucks you into her vortex of sexy. At the Palm Springs International Film Festival, it...
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Kirsten Dunst brought her own coconuts to the Palm Springs Film Festival

A method I used this year to battle the holiday blues was to distract myself with all kinds of comic book movies. I watched a whole shitload of them over the course of Thanksgiving to New Year's, from both the major comic companies and even a few from more obscure ones. It actually helped a lot. I mean if you can't get in a better mood by watching GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, you're just an...
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Brie Larson is a knockout in green satin for the Palm Springs Gala

I don't know why I haven't gone to see ROOM yet, other than the fact that I've already read the book and it's wildly uncomfortable and sorta depressing. Still, Brie Larson really is one of my favorite actresses right now, having shown off her impressive skills since she was a sexually charged teenager on "The United States of Tara." 2015 was a breakout year for Brie, who had roles in the...
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Helen Hunt shines at the 2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival

When you're famous, you get to have a lot of things that regular poor people don't have access to, including this blue dress by Michael Kors that Helen Hunt wore to the 2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival over the weekend. The gown is a part of Kors' spring line, but Helen was lucky enough to have a crack at it before the rest of consumers, just as she was gifted with the Spotlight...
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