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Charli XCX put on quite the red hot T&A show in Vegas

My goodness! There are times when I'm not 100% sure how I feel about Charli XCX , mainly because her face kind be a little "meh" in certain lighting and particularly heavy makeup, but for the most part I like her voice and the fact that she's trying to be a bit of a tart without completely losing her knickers, like Rita Ora. Then there are times when I see Charli at a performance and all I...
3 days ago
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Ariel Winter invites you to check out her knickers

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Ariel Winter was very deliberate with the days chosen attire; I can't shake the suspicion that she desperately wants everyone to see her panties, obviously because she's showing them. Even for a young hottie known for wearing outfits not meant to conceal much of her lower half, this is an evolutionary leap forward. It begs the question:...
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Maitland Ward is back to her cleavage filled shenanigans for Mel Magazine

Forget about the fact that we get to frequently check out Maitland Ward flashing her goodies and instead consider that she's 39-years old. No, I'm not mentioning that so that the high-and-mighty can start decreeing that she's too old to be flaunting her stuff but rather, damn... she's 39-years old. It's hard to fully process that it's been that long since she was a youngin' on Boy Meets...
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Lindsey Vonn proves strong & naked is beautiful for new book

For the new book, Strong is Beautiful , Olympian Lindsey Vonn is showing off her, "Tiger is a dumbass" side with some amazing (albeit covered) nude shots that capitalize on all of that athletic muscularity she has. Sure, Lindsey has a great ass that she's been enjoying showing off on the red carpet in Hollywood lately but damn, those legs, with all of the power in them, I kinda want to...
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Rita Ora wearing lingerie in Vanity Fair Italy is so hot, she's sweating

When people ask what Rita Ora is famous for, I should just pick up the latest issue of Vanity Fair Italy, point at it and then call them stupid if they don't understand. Yes, she does work in movies, from SOUTHPAW to the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY series of films, she's had minor success as a pop artist, has been a judge on "The X-Factor" and will be taking over the reins from Tyra Banks in the...
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Why does Genevieve Morton put on lingerie when we only want to see it off?

When you have a body like Genevieve Morton's , it's only natural that you would want to cash in on showing it off. So it makes sense that we keep seeing photoshoots of the curvy model for fashion campaigns such as Cleo by Panache but I so much rather prefer when someone convinces her to ditch the underthings, as they did with this Randal Slavin photoshoot from August. I think Morton needs...
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Hailee Steinfeld holds her sweater puppies & gives a peek under her skirt

Yeah, there's no way I could pass up such an obvious pun come to life. I'm sure Hailee Steinfeld didn't put together the correlation she was making with that crude yet apt way of describing a pair of tits. Although she does seem to understand the literal cheekiness of letting a little sexy underwear peek out from under her various skirts and pants. You see this a lot from Hailee. She...
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Maitland Ward gets herself all ready for Autumn

You might have noticed a theme in today's late afternoon posts. That theme, of course, is hotties showing off their boobs. One of the most notorious ones for that sort of thing is Maitland Ward , seen here in one of her new photo sets in celebration of Autumn's arrival. Maitland enjoys marking special events by showing off her boobs in various themed ensembles. Soon she'll have a Halloween...
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Hottie Clip: Megyn Price on Rules of Engagement

We've officially began the Fall 2016 televised programming quarter, or perhaps more specifically, sitcom season! That's right, it's time to bring on the next slew of shows featuring audience laugh tracks and wives who are way too hot for their husbands (I'm lookin' at you Kevin James). While not everyone is impressed by today's standards of primetime comedy,...
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Victoria's Secret model Romee Strijd doffs duds for the pages of Maxim

Now that their main blonde girl, Candice Swanepoel , is ready to pop with her first baby this month, it looks as if there's room for another blonde to move in and take over her reign (although I doubt it will be more than brief, considering how fast these ladies bounce back after birth). Dutch hottie, Romee Strijd is looking fit for the task, moving from the pages of the Victoria's Secret...
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Kate Hudson's sexy red carpet walk at the Deepwater Horizon premiere

​DEEPWATER HORIZON is on my must-see list, not only because of its cast (Kurt Russell, Mark Wahlberg, John Malkovich and the illustrious Kate Hudson), but because of the unlikely director to tackle this subject. Peter Berg always struck me as a skewed patriot, someone who tackles American foreign-policy without observing any of the complexities, leaving me curious to see how...
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Lake Bell gets a creative assist from the wind, flashes the red carpet

I pretty much fell for Lake Bell watching her go toe-to-toe with Rob Corddry in 2008's WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, where the two of them ate up the screen and took the shine away from the two leads who were supposed to get all of your attention (don't forget, we got to see Krysten Ritter in a sexy Girl Scout costume in that too). Since then, Bell has been the body to beat when it comes to...
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