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I've got a Passionata for Bar Refaeli in her underwear

They went a little more normal with Bar Refaeli's latest Passionata spread. No sexy gypsies or hot, throwback housewife themes against bright backgrounds. It's mostly just Bar in her underwear, which is all you need. No point in bothering with all the other nonsense that only serves to distract us from the sight of her luscious tits and beautiful thighs. Strange how little you see of Bar...

Bar Refaeli and her passion for passionata help us close out 2013

Well, here we are, closing out another year. It's been real, 2013. Plenty of ups and downs in all our lives I'm sure. Since we're all supposed to be looking forward to the new year, it only makes sense to feature Bar Refaeli and her decidedly giddy outlook on the spring/summer 2014 line of Passionata lingerie as our last story of the year. I don't know about you, but this whole New Year's...

You have the good fortune to see pics of Bar Refaeli as a hot Jewish gypsy in her underwear

It's been way too long since we had any pics of Bar Refaeli on here. Thankfully undergarment company Passionata has come along with one of their bizarre themed photo spreads featuring this gorgeous babe from the Holy Land. I also threw in some pics from her Under.Me spread there at the end as a little bonus, because the more Bar the better. I wonder how long we're going to be...

After a long weekend of nerd-kissing, Bar Refaeli does housework

Should I be surprised that Bar Refaeli giving some nerd the time of his life in that commercial wound up being the most talked about happenstance during the Super Bowl? I mean, you'd think the power going out would be the big icebreaker at your local grocery store, but apparently hot chicks and geeks locking lips with each other means the apocalypse is still on its way. Despite...

It's hard to stay inside Bar Refaeli's lines

Well, Christmas is over. Now we get to spend the next week recovering from all that food we stuffed into our gullets, so that we might spend New Year's Eve stuffing ourselves with alcohol. It truly is the season of gluttony. Maybe we should all take some inspiration from Bar Refaeli , here doing another weird amalgamation of '50s ephemera and sexy underwear for the Passionata line of...

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