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Here's your class of 2015 Academy Awards red carpet hotties

I have nothing to say about who won and lost at the Oscars last night. I've gotten past the point where I get emotionally distraught when something I love doesn't win (mainly because what I love doesn't even get enough love to get nominated in the first place). But I will say a few things about the various dresses and whatnot that the women at the Academy Award were wearing, since that's a...
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Hot or Not: Patricia Arquette

So most of you aren't fans of Sandra Oh, based on the feedback from last week's Hot or Not. I had thought that there might be a few more people in her corner in terms of supporting her acting talent but that wasn't going on either. This week I want to look at another beauty who has never gotten much credit for her acting, something that one of her ex-husbands suffers from nowadays, and...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette is pretty damn sexy, isn't she? She's smoking hot when she doesn't even try to be, nevermind when she's actually trying. Actually Arquette stars in one of the best fight scenes I've ever seen. Yeah, I'm talking about her battle with the late, great James Gandolfini from TRUE ROMANCE. Now that fight scene isn't today's Hottie Clip of the Day but these scenes of...
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Face Off: Rosanna Arquette vs. Patricia Arquette

Pretty much everybody agreed that in the battle between Penelope Cruz and Monica Cruz , Penelope comes out on top. I'm glad you guys could figure out a winner. Choosing between these two is like trying to decide between two identical Ferraris. No way for me to choose. This week in our third and final Battle of the Sisters, we're getting into the way back machine and making a couple...
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