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Paula Patton tried to promote Warcraft, but the attention was elsewhere

It wasn't fair of Paula Patton to show up at this AOL Speaker event discussing her new movie WARCRAFT with such an obvious set of distractions. How was anyone supposed to keep their focus on what was being said when Paula was simulating an imminent wardrobe malfunction in her orange number? I can't speak for anyone there, but speaking for myself it's a clear impossibility. Anyone coming to...
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Face Off: Paula Patton vs. Emmanuelle Chriqui

Megan Fox got most of the love over Amber Heard in last week's Face Off . Amber being shortchanged with the internet seems to be the trend now after this whole fiasco between her and Johnny Depp. The perception is that she's a gold-digging liar and Johnny is the innocent victim. Why am I not surprised? Speaking of getting shortchanged, this week sees supreme hottie Paula Patton...
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Paula Patton is our Hottie of the Month for June 2016 (video)

There are no blurred lines when it comes to whether or not the delicious  Paula Patton  is considered a major babe in the MovieHotties community. You can catch her busting out her prosthetic orc-fangs in WARCRAFT next weekend, giving us yet another reason to call her "toothsome". New releases aside, one of the most refeshing things about this hottie is her...
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Kate Beckinsale does magazine covers by day, single lady partying by night

While she's not yet legally divorced, it seems as if Kate Beckinsale is living the life of the newly single these days. Beckinsale was recently seen palling around with another newly divorced hottie, Paula Patton , who put ink to paper on her marriage to Robin Thicke just last April and has clearly moved on, sporting a big grin and lots of leg on the night she spent out with Kate. Kate...
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BOTB Mission Impossible Babes: Maggie Q vs Paula Patton vs Thandie Newton

While SOUTHPAW might not have been an easy bet at the box office, failing to get strong ticket sales or critic's praise, it was a super easy bet that its star, Rachel McAdams, would be considered the hottest of the boxing movie babes from last week. I might have enjoyed the return to fun that MISSION IMPOSSIBE: GHOST PROTOCOL brought to the screens (mainly because of Simon Pegg...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Hotties in Underpants Vol. 2!

You may recall a couple of years back when we introduced you to a video tribute of our favorite Movie Hotties in underpants . Well, after careful review and consideration, we've come to the realization that there's an ongoing list of classic cinematic moments which feature some of our favorite hotties in either bras, panties, on or the other, or at best, neither. Thus, we've...
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Kate Beckinsale was the best thing at the Golden Globe announcements

I'm sure most of you have checked out the list of nominees for the 72nd Golden Globe Awards. I know a lot of people couldn't really care less about this kind of stuff, but I love lists and categories and award ceremonies and stuff like the Golden Globes has shit like that, so, yeah, I'm gonna be watching this thing for sure. I even checked out the video of the nominee announcement....
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Emmy after party babes include a Vergara nipslip & panty-less Patton

Let me see if I can recap the 2014 Emmys for everyone. The In Memorandum section of the broadcast really sucked, reminding us of all those people we've loved for years who will no longer be making awesome stuff anymore, including a heartwrenching tribute to Robin Williams from Billy Crystal. "Breaking Bad" and "Modern Family" won everything except for the Sheldon Cooper...
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Paula Patton's Vanity prompts her to be Fairly topless

You may recognize Paula Patton as the woman unable to stop publicly proclaiming her love for her husband who she's currently separated from, the dubiously famous singer Robin Thicke. I've never seen anyone gush on and on so much about a person she apparently doesn't want to be with, only still totally does. Such behavior has mostly eclipsed her previous status as an actress in movies like...
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The Top Ten Hottest Movie Cops

With the reboot of ROBOCOP hitting the theaters next week, with its upgrades in tactical goodness (now in black!) and added good looking charm (Weller is still close to my heart but Kinnaman is closer to my loins), I thought it might be a good time to look over some of the hotter female cops (and FBI and DEA and whatever - give a girl a break on the semantics here) who have graces the silver...
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Chrissy Teigen, Paula Patton and more bring some sexy to the Pre-Grammy Gala

While there were an astounding amount of hotties at the Grammy Awards last evening, we mustn't forget about the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala. There, we got an array of cleavage, leggage, cleavage and more cleavage. You know, the really important things that matter to music. Hotties in dresses have been around since the cavemen first appeared and the beauties that showed up to this event...
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(Video) The Top 25 Movie Hotties of 2013!

Last week, we enlightened you with our Top 25 Hottest Hotties of 2013 in the form of a slideshow. Today, we're presenting that same list of hotties, only this time, in video form! Will this help substantiate our opinion of whom we found worthy to make the top 25? Well, I guess that's for you to decide. Either way, it's a fun little video, and a nice way to put...
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