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Maria Menounos glows in more ways than one

Not too much of that glorious ass Maria Menounos carries around with her in these pics. That's okay though, as the rest of Maria is just as good, if not better. What's this? Something better on Maria than her ass? I think so. Just look at that face. Those eyes, that smile - beautiful stuff there. Look at the rest of her body. I heard somewhere that Maria used to be fat once. If so,...
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Carol Vorderman is a Fifty-Something hottie in a tight yellow dress

How about we swing the dials from a young Hollywood chick to an 50+ British bird? I have no clue who Carol Vorderman is other than the fact that she is wearing a way-tight yellow dress and nude-colored stiletto heels and looking like a brick-f*cking-house walking. If I research her just a little bit more I find out that she recently broke her nose after tripping up in her trademark high heels...
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