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Instagram hottie Eileen Kelly is almost too cute to be true

I know what you're thinking. You're wondering if you're about to get busted for looking at these pics of Instagram phenom Eileen Kelly . Don't worry, she's of age and then some. In fact, she's made being open about her fully matured sexuality the cornerstone of her whole social media focus, which I'm sure has done a lot to give her the almost 400k followers she currently enjoys on Instagram...
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Anna Kendrick trolls by Macy's with a super leggy look & fun attitude

Normally I wouldn't have a single complaint about Anna Kendrick doing heavy duty promotional business for a new film but the fact that I have to see Justin Timberlake at each and every stop for TROLLS when there's still a month to go before the movie is released is starting to wear on my nerves. I've often wondered why there were women who found him hot when he was younger, with those...
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Rachel Vallori is our latest nearly nude model crush

Randall Slavin is definitely one of those photographers that you need to follow, if you don't already. Unlike the creep factor that you get from combing through Terry Richardson shoots, this Slavin guy tries to make his photographs a little more sensual (he IS, after all, the guy who got Emmanuelle Chriqui topless as well as some other hotties). This is no different with the semi-nude,...
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The gap between Sarah Hyland's neckline continues to widen

What does this mean for those who've been encouraged by said widening gap. Hopefully, it's indicating a short wait unit Sarah Hyland's neckline spreads past her perfectly perky – and frequently unsupported – breasts, to confirm what many of us already suspect: those 25-year-old tits are as perfect as they come. This young hottie commonly chooses an evening gown...
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Anna Kendrick's shoot for Ocean Drive is as cute as you'd expect it to be

Thanks to the upcoming release of TROLLS , we're going to be seeing a lot more of the always awesome Anna Kendrick as she does the best promotion that movie is ever going to get simply by being her adorable self. In a brief but quirky photoshoot for Ocean Drive magazine, Kendrick smiled and mugged with a lip shaped lollipop, having absolutely nothing to do with those fuzzy headed little...
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Kendall Jenner's see through dress proves it's what's underneath that counts

When it comes to the Jenner's and the Kardashians, my opinions align with the majority of objectionable views; those views that constantly manifest in the form of straight up hate speech. The only exception being the ever perky Kendall Jenner , or as I think of her: the hot one. That's right, I said it– Kendall is hot. So hot (to me, anyway), her family ties don't even...
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Sarah Hyland should get a Teen Choice Award for her neckline

There were more attendees willing to wear provocative attire at this year's Teen Choice Awards then there was at the Cannes Film Festival. The kind of deep plunging neckline's worn by Sarah Hyland and Keke Palmer are what I expected to see from the crème de la crème of Hollywood hotties (there were some, but it was hardly to boob buffet you'd expect from an...
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Face Off: Mila Kunis vs. Kristen Bell

I take it some of you disagreed with some of my sentiments toward Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez in last week's Face Off . I get it. Zoe is kind of a sacred cow for a lot of folks. I like her too. For whatever reason Michelle just stacks up better for me. Go figure. Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell head up this week's BAD MOMS, yet another raunchcom with a twist. I can't...
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Sugar Lyn Beard goes for a sweet deep plunge for Mike & Dave premiere

At first I thought, wow... that's one cute little chick putting some awesome cleavage on display because Sugar Lyn Beard is 4'11", cute as all get out and big or small, all cleavage is welcome in this all too cruel and unjust world. Then I went looking to figure out more on Beard, who plays the bride in question in MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES (yes, "burn victim Barbie"). Turns out...
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Treat your eyes to Ava Sambora's killer bikini body

138 Water's latest collaboration with sexy celebrity spawn Ava Sambora just set the bar for best bikini photos of the summer thus far. The standard all pics hence forth will be held to, the ones to beat. This is of course, just like... my opinion... man, but it's one I'll defend with conviction. I've read others views about Ava on various forums...
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Face Off: Hayden Panettiere vs. Hilary Duff

Victoria Justice gave way to AnnaSophia Robb by a small lead in last week's Face Off . Once again a phenomenal ass makes all the difference between two very similar hotties. Speaking of similar hotties, take Hayden Panettiere and Hilary Duff . They've been on similar paths in life for some time now. Starting out as adorable, petite, precocious, blonde, teen phenoms,...
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Emilia Clarke does some sexy wardrobe changes for her new photoshoot

Looks like waiting for a photoshoot to hit the news stands just takes too damn long. Much easier just to get yourself a zoom lens and take your own shots of hotties doing their photoshooting thing. Such was the case for Emilia Clarke on a beach in Malibu for her as yet unreleased pics in whatever magazine she's modelling for. These photoshoots of photoshoots are interesting. You see some...
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