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Petra Nemcova is the hottest philanthropist you'll see in her undies today

There are a lot of fashion models out there in the world, if you're to believe all of the posts we do here at Hotties and, well, the rest of the entire f*cking internet. While I don't think she's the most beautiful or the most stacked or even the best at hawking bras and panties, I do have a lot of respect for Petra Nemcova , a Czech model who has been actively working with charity groups...

Knockout Petra Nemcova shows us how intensely sexy modern luxury can be

I'm really gonna start considering buying a nice camera and becoming a photographer. I think it's my calling. Believe it or not, I really do like taking pictures and the fact that so many hot females are out there who are willing to stand in front of one of these things and get pictures taken of them, it seems like a no brainer. I enjoy sexy ladies even more than taking pictures, so...

It looks like model Petra Nemcová works out

There are few things quite as hot as leggy, Eastern European model. There's nothing better for the purposes of hottie appreciation than beautiful babes like Petra Nemvocá , seen here doing some sort of fish netty, leopard printy, wind blown workout for the pages of GQ Portugal. Someone should do a study on how these former Soviet block babes manage to be as hot as they are. You wouldn't think...

The Hotties invade the Vanity Fair 2014 Post Oscars party

The biggest Post-Oscars tradition (after going through the drive-thru for some In-N-Out) has to be the annual Vanity Fair party, partly because it ends up filled with hot models whose main job is to stand around and look pretty and partly because a bunch of the Oscar winners (and non-winners, since no one is really a loser when everyone keeps saying thanks to the other nominees, right? Har har...

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