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Natalie Dormer hangs out in your dad's den without a shirt

It's so rare to catch a glimpse of Natalie Dormer not making that goofy smirk thing. So when it happens, like with these outtakes from her January 2015 spread in Nylon magazine, I feel it necessary to take notice. She's so much more attractive when she's not making dumb faces. Good thing then that there are photographers out there who refuse to let her do that. Also in that...
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Gemma Arterton makes old dudes very happy

I wonder what was making these old guys so happy in this BBC Arts photoshoot Gemma Arterton was doing the other day. Are revivals of obscure 17th century plays starring Gemma that pleasing? Somehow I think not. There's got to be some thing more to it. Maybe it's all the extra funding BBC arts programs are getting this year? I hear they're making a substantial effort to cut...
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Sexy TwitPics: Katrina Bowden

The third-dimensional horror fest entitled NURSE 3D is finally seeing it's release this weekend. Seeing as the film wrapped in 2012, it's about damned time it began making it's way to theaters. For one, horror is usually a convenient go-to genre during the often slow winter season in movies (especially when that winter season was proclaimed by the likes...
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GQ and Terry Richardson take pictures of Emily Ratajkowski and holy $#!% oh my God

Pizza. Double Cheeseburgers. Emily Ratajkowski . Ice Cream. Emily Ratajkowski's boobs. Rockets. Emily Ratajkowski's last name. All of these things are among some of the best things in the world and Terry Richardson and GQ have compiled them all together for our enjoyment. So, thank you, GQ . Thank you, Terry Richardson . Thank you so much. GQ and Terry Richardson  are the best. Take...
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Model Isabeli Fontana is intimidatingly hot for Lui Magazine

It's rare that I come across pictures of a woman with a stare that's as intense as model Isabeli Fontana's . It's also a weird sensation, in general. She's ridiculously hot and has the body of, well, a model. The deep, deep blue of her eyes is alluring, for sure, but that stare is intimidating as hell. It's almost like Medusa gave birth to this one and while looking her in the eyes won't have...
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Anna Paquin doesn't want to sign any of your sh*t!

Okay, okay. So, maybe she doesn't exactly look thrilled to be signing autographs for perhaps the zillionth time, but she does seem like a lovely person most of the time and everyone has one of those days, right?  Anyway, Anna Paquin was stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the new season of True Blood where, I'm assuming, fans were given a few short moments to get some...
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