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Lucy Hale is looking about as sweet as chocolate

Damn. It kind of seems Lucy Hale is everywhere these days , doesn't it? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. No, no. While I've never seen an episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS in my entire life (I mean, really, can you blame me?), I can still appreciate the beauty little Lucy emanates. In fact, I kind of thought it was Rachel Weisz in these pics and I thought, "Goddamn, she looks good!" And...
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Mariah Carey's boobs perform at the BET Honors

It seems as if Mariah Carey has been around forever and yet it's also hard to believe that the diva will be turning 44-years old this upcoming March. I don't know if it's because she has the baby voice or the mentality of a demented middle school girl with daddy issues, but Mariah and her bucket full of crazy have always been a point of interest for me. Well, the crazy more than the career,...
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Amanda Seyfried is one cute little Beetlejuice in this photoshoot with Dusan Reljin

Earlier this week she stood around the set with no pants , so it appears as if Amanda Seyfried needed a solid photoshoot to get her in the mood for mas pantalones, even if this spread was taken by photographer Dusan Reljin in late 2012 and the images have just recently trickled out. The black and white outfits are a nice complement to Amanda's sleek new frame (I still prefer her with that...
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Elizabeth Gillies sings like the beautiful, big-tittied bird she is

Is it me, or does every hot young thing with a Disney or Nickelodeon show have to possess matching talents at both acting and singing? I don't recall that being a prerequisite for the tween hotties from back in my day. Some of them sang, some of them had goofy TV shows. I guess they want today's adolescent sex bait to be jacks-of-all-trades. Good thing then that Victorious hottie Elizabeth...
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