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Who wants a Jennifer Lawrence piggyback ride?

Aziz Ansari was apparently the first to raise his hand when asked the above question. Or it could be Jennifer Lawrence simply snatched up the diminutive comedian and gave him a ride on impulse. I'm sure getting some piggyback action from Jen is a barrel of laughs, as are most things done with her. That said, my thinking, and probably most guys' thinking when it comes to the...
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Jennifer Metcalfe and her perfect bikini body will give you a good ride

I continue to have very little information about English actress Jennifer Mecalfe, apart from the fact that she's English and acts. But who cares when she looks this sensational in a bikini. That's got to be the kind of body Louis Réard had in mind when he invented the bikini back in 1946. There's just no way two such fantastic things could come together by accident. And if that wasn't enough,...
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