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Flashback Friday: Check out Marilyn Monroe being sexy from start to finish

We're going way back this week for our little flashback experience. I ran across these pics of Marilyn Monroe the other day and found them intriguing. It's not like we haven't seen these before or that they depict Marilyn in some unusual light. Rather, it's their bookend quality, representing the state of the legendary hottie at both the start of her illustrious career and at the...

Amber Heard goes all '50s pin-up for the Spanish

The black and white Bette Page era in hottie history they've replicated here for Spanish magazine DT is a great time period for Amber Heard to reference. She's always seemed like a bit of a throwback to the heyday of pin-up beauties. They even managed to capture some of that low rent look, very much like the elicit magazines made for the back room erotica crowd in those days. In other...

Lucy Collett is always cooking up something big and tasty in her kitchen

It's kind of funny how Nuts slaps that "news" label onto their images of busty babes showing their stuff, as if they had reporters scouring the area for the latest on chicks with giant tits. I suppose their content is much more uplifting than the typical news feed nowadays. Lucy Collett is one of the many Nuts hotties who doesn't get enough attention in my opinion. Every week seems to bring...

Katy Perry is doing it for our country's kids

I like Katy Perry . Please don't ever get me wrong on that. And I've been known to take a kid to a KP concert because I'm cool like that. I think she's fun and silly as a performer and out of everyone doing goofy crap on stage these days, she's most definitely a fine-tuned performer who know what her audience is looking for. What I question is why she would be a hot commodity to those of the...

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