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Katie Holmes and her weird tummy are in a pink bikini in Miami

I honestly can't figure out what's odder to me, that Katie Holmes , the former barely legal darling from "Dawson's Creek," is now 35-years old or that having all that money she has and having only had one pregnancy would wreck her stomach as much as it has. I've got to hand it to the third Mrs. Tom Cruise, at least she isn't interested in selling a false image. When you've been photographed...

Luisa Zissman puts in her bid to be the last best bikini post of the year

So this Luisa Zissman chick was hanging out in Dubai over the weekend, looking as hot as a 26-year former "Apprentice UK" contestant could, flaunting a weight loss that I never would have noticed if I hadn't read about it because I just don't know who she is outside of finding these images of her. I have to say that the body looks great if you're not opposed to the fake tits thing, not...

The UK J-Woww, TOWIE's Chloe Sims, struts her plastic bits in a pink bikini at Cannes

I had to look up what the hell TOWIE was and I'm still not all that certain that I understand it beyond the fact that it is billed as being of the popular British "reality shows" similar along the lines of the crap that we're inundated with here in the United States. So if any of you are from across the pond, I wouldn't mind if you went into further detail about the show and whatever it is that...

UK Z-lister, Kimberley Garner, has got some mighty nice shells on her hands

This Kimberley Garner chick has appeared on something called "Made in Chelsea," which by all innocent appearances I guess I can write off as being a UK reality show. She's now running around doing modeling shoots for bikinis (you can track her on Twitter if you care to) and the tabloids over the pond (or perhaps you're already there, since I understand that our readership is not exclusive...

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