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Katrina Bowden is all legs at the premier of Public Morals

Katrina Bowden is the indie-horror movie actress for this generation. She's appeared in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Piranha 3DD and Nurse 3-D . Like the scream queens from the golden age of low budget horror (the late 70s early 80s) she's pretty and has just enough talent to remember most of her lines. What differentiates her though is her unwillingness to do exploitive...
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Face Off: Katrina Bowden vs. Sara Jean Underwood

There were a few among you who gave some love to Emily Blunt amidst the strident pro- Kate Beckinsale voting block who turned out for last week's Face Off. However it was Kate who ultimately won , as expected. Not that I disagree with that choice. Kate might very well be the hottest woman alive, but I still think that between the two of them, Emily has the better profile overall, at least...
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Face Off: Kaley Cuoco vs. Katrina Bowden

Angelina Jolie triumphed over Jennifer Aniston by a decisive vote count in the previous Face Off . That's good. Angelina might have her issues, but she's still the better choice between these two. Seeing how well she and Brad get along, it looks he made the right choice. Kaley Cuoco and Katrina Bowden are both popular sitcom actresses. At least, that's what I hear. Not being...
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