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Face Off: Rashida Jones vs. ZoŽ Kravitz

No definitive winner in last week's Face Off between Kat Dennings and Melissa Rauch . That's as it should be. Two women with beautiful, curvy bodies and nice racks - you can't go wrong with either one. This week both Rashida Jones and ZoŽ Kravitz have their movies INSIDE OUT and DOPE coming out. Those two come with a few things in common, besides having new movies premiering....
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Rashida Jones is beautiful inside and out at the Inside Out premiere

It's an exciting time when a new Pixar movie is coming out. This new one, INSIDE OUT, is an especially ambitious endeavor by the legendary animation studio. So far it seems to be a gamble that's paid off, if the positive reviews can be believed. It would be nice to see them get back on track after a few somewhat middling efforts over the last few years. Putting Rashida Jones in this was a...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Sexiest Babes In Animated Movies

We've put together 6 of the hottest animated babes in this week's Movie Hotties Six-Pack. There's a little bit of every kind of animated hottie in there, from hand drawn to CGI and everything in between. See which handcrafted hotties made the list below and don't forget to give us your ideas for what we should do in upcoming 6-packs!
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Hilary Duff is all smiles (and legs) at Planes premiere

Hilary Duff is really pretty and seems really cool. I make this observation because it's one that I never really truly accepted until about an hour ago. She's the perfect mix of cute and sexy and while we have crazies like Britney Spears running around and trying to stay relevant, Hilary is remaining as (seemingly) sweet as a button (is that an expression?) and it actually appears...
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Top 10 Toughest Hotties of 2012

Women in the movies really kicked some major ass this year, whether it was physically or wrecking traumatic emotional damage on someone who felt as if they'd been kicked while they were down at the end of it. Women have show coolness, an ability to get shit done by themselves and essentially held their own strongly against the men who were action stars, especially where the box office dollars...
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