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Amanda Seyfried is a million ways sexy in W magazine

To make up for the fact that I've hit you a second time with images of Scarlett Johansson at the CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLIDER premiere (I thought perhaps you might like to see even more of the pregnant hottie - that and I kinda spaced on the fact that she was already featured on Friday), I'm bringing to you the super sexy layout that Amanda Seyfried did for the April 2014...

Cobie Smulders shows off her sexy smirk in Esquire

I don't know what it is, but I'm starting to discover that not watching television is seriously taking away from my hottie watching. Seriously. I've probably only seen three episodes of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and I haven't really sat down and watched an entire episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD , so how the hell was I really supposed to get a lasting impression of this gal Cobie Smulders ? Even...

Emily Ratajkowski looks like she needs to be taught a lesson

Here's Emily Ratajkowski looking like a sexy little school girl right out of one of my fantasies. The red sweater and plaid thing that turns into a skirt or whatever kind of reminds me of a ridiculously hot Hey Arnold! but in all honesty, the look is driving me loco. I know I don't have to say this because all of you know, but the school girl look is pretty much one of those things that'll...

Take a long, hard look at these Miranda Kerr pics from Terry Richardson

Miranda Kerr is a very attractive woman, so it only makes sense that infamous photographer Terry Richardson would want to take pictures of her. While these pictures are ridiculously sexy, I can't help but feel a little off looking at them. It's not a loss of attraction, it's just that one of the biggest emotions I feel while looking at these pictures, though, is unfathomable hatred. I could...

Katy Perry looks fit to yodel in plaid at Killer Queen perfume launch in Berlin

It's a Katy Perry post without being able to discuss the singer's breasts. OK, so by wearing an outfit that completely covered up her famous assets as she was in Berlin for the campaign launch of her latest perfume, Killer Queen, Katy actually got us talking about her breasts regardless. This has to be the most unflattering outfit that I've seen Perry wear and I was at her concert where she...

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