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Sexy TwitPics: Amanda Cerny

This week's TwitPic tweetheart was initially intended to be THE LAZARUS EFFECT's Sarah Bolger, before I realized she was already being featured as this week's "Hot or Not" contestant . I also realized Bolger's collection of self-taken photographs were in the same vein as last week's hottie, Emily Kinney , as they both keep their stuff pretty modest and reserved. So instead, we're...

Enjoy Playboy Playmate Alyssa Arce get wet in a bikini

So the weather is pretty much shitty all over the US right now. The mid-west is getting hammered by apocalyptic tornado outbreaks and most other places are getting cold and rainy. It's very much a McDonald's hamburger patty around here where I am, namely grey and wet. Once again it's Miami that stands as the one holdout to inclement weather here in the US. Also again is a hottie in a bikini...

138 Water done did it again, this time with model Amanda Cerny

I'm done. 138 Water has found the perfect way to market things and they will not f*cking stop until they have literally had every attractive girl in the entire world pose sexily for them and their stupid agua. It's working, though. Through these sexy ass pictures, my strength fails and my temptations give in and I upload these stories, furthering the advertising and possibly their sales. Who...

Playmate Amanda Cerny is making me thirsty

Water company 138 Water has come up with an interesting concept for making their overpriced bottled water seem like something worth more than filtered tap water in a bottle. Other companies like to talk about minerals and nonsense about how their water comes from pristine hidden lakes in the mountains. 138 just puts hot women in bikinis holding their product - hot women like October 2011's...

Former Playboy Playmate Tiffany Taylor and her annoying hand bras make a stunning return

It's been over 15 years since Playboy Playmate Tiffany Taylor did her first spreads for that magazine. As a horny 20-something at the time, her arrival on the scene was of extra special significance because, well, look at her. Have you seen anything that screamed sex more loudly than a body like that? Unfortunately, she sort of went away after that, as many a former Playmate often...

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