Monica Bellucci proves she can still swim with the hottest hotties around

Relatively fresh off of her turn as a Bond girl in SPECTRE , Monica Bellucci continues in her quest to prove to the whole world she's still got the sexy in sufficient quantities for anyone's needs. I'm not prepared to argue with her assertions there - not after seeing her taking a skinny dip in someone's pool in the new Paris Match magazine. She's 52 this month, which is probably...
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Imogen Thomas and her curvy bod needed someone to apply some sun tan lotion

Well here we are, at the end of summer, at least as far as our collective mindset goes. Labor Day Weekend here in the States is the point when rage at the early onset Halloween and Christmas decoration displays at the stores prompts many to begin to think in an Autumn frame of mind. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a big cool down. Heat sucks, especially summer heat. Although many...
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Lucy Mecklenburgh does her best work when hanging out by pools

I can't say for sure if Lucy Mecklenburgh is at her best when she's in something sexy and wet. Having no experience at all with her main claim to fame as a UK TV actress and celebrity in general makes such things a bit cheeky of me to say, using their vernacular. It's a safe bet though. I find those ladies who have made their mark over there as sex symbols usually have little compunction...
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Daphne Joy shows off her flotation devices at a Vegas pool

While the visceral appeal of professional girlfriend Daphne Joy is obvious, at some point one must get past that a little and have a chuckle at the absurdity of her routine. Although it's arguable the environment Daphne is situated in here, namely a Las Vegas hotel pool, makes her over the top look more normal than most other places. I actually had cause to visit one of these rooftop pools...
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Victoria Justice does the dance of the poor signal in a sexy swimsuit

Seems like this past weekend was a time when many a hottie decided to get themselves in a swimsuit by a body of water. I like those weekends. One more who felt this collective urge to be swimsuited was Victoria Justice , seen here angling for a few more bars on her phone while down Miami way. We've all done that bad signal dance, haven't we? It's the desperate search for a clear line of...
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Reese Witherspoon marks 15 years passed by looking like they never happened

I was just thinking the other day, after seeing this Instagram pic of Reese Witherspoon with her doppelganger of a daughter, how difficult it must be to see her offspring looking pretty much the spitting image of her when she was much younger. I know I'd be challenged to look across the dinner table and see my high school aged self looking back at me all these years later....
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A bunch of hot British babes by the pool prove the only way is bikini

I wouldn't expect any of my fellow Americans to know that TOWIE stands for The Only Way Is Essex , a kind of infamous British "scripted reality" show in the same vein as our Keeping Up With The Kardashians . It's one of the surprisingly low brow television options they enjoy over there. One could be forgiven for thinking British people spend their television taxes on nothing but enlightening...
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Demi Lovato makes sure her fine ass is okay while tanning in Miami

Demi Lovato just set out on her new Future Now Tour yesterday. So what better way to kick that off than to head to a pool in Miami and work on her tan? Sure, why not? Who the hell wants to deal with a bunch of screaming 13-year-olds in an amphitheater anyway? Much better to lay out by the pool and check on the progress of your tan lines. So nice of Demi to give us a peek at how those lines...
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You knew Ashley James wasn't going to stay out of a bikini for long

It's kinda funny to peruse our newly christened Ashley James gallery and find that most of the articles we've posted on her are all bikini shots. Shots not unlike those below, featuring the busty Brit still hanging out by the water in Mykonos. Can't say I blame her for that. I'd kinda like to be there with her, instead of huddled in a room praying the AC doesn't go out while outside the...
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Jaimie Alexander in a bikini deserves some attention

I don't care how much harm drinking gallons of chlorinated wanted can do, as long as it's water Jaimie Alexander has been bathing in, I'll gulp it down as if it was H2O extracted from the fountain of youth and blessed by holy men of God. Besides, it's probably safer than drinking the water in Cancun Mexico, which is where we find the raven-haired beauty vacationing in sexy...
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Jennifer Metcalfe and her fine ass enjoy frolicking with friends

Curious how most of my favorite amateur bathing suit-wearers are English hotties. Yesterday it was Lucy Mecklenburgh in her Dubai bikini reminding me of this fact. Today it's Jennifer Metcalfe and her perfect ass showing us what the English have to say about bodies in bathing suits. Like Lucy and many of these distinctly English hotties, I'm pretty much clueless as to what she does to make...
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Gemma Atkinson takes her ripped & curvy bikini body back to the pool

If there's a signup sheet where one can simply write their name down and eventually be granted any body of their choosing, I'm putting ink to paper to get me a Gemma Atkinson physique. I don't even really know much about the lady, other than the fact that she was once on "Hollyoaks," a popular series in the UK and that she's done modeling over the years. Other than those credentials, I've...
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