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Jessica Chastain shows off some most impressive cleavage again

Now that INTERSTELLAR has come out and that rather arrogant moratorium on Jessica Chastain doing publicity for anything else is ended, she's free to show off her excellent cleavage for the benefit of other movies, like her new one A MOST VIOLENT YEAR. I think Jessica is quickly becoming one of my favorite cleavage show hotties. I like the ease with which she does it. She's happy to let you...

Jennifer Lawrence is photogenic, very blue

Not a whole lot of down time anymore between periods of anticipation for Jennifer Lawrence movies. Now that her Oscar-bait AMERICAN HUSTLE gig has achieved its goal and everyone got their Katniss fix with CATCHING FIRE, there's yet another payday role to look forward to in the form of the next X-MEN installment, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. In the lead up to one or both of those movies, Jen's got a...

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