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Michelle Rodriguez rocks her sexy eyepatch in a new Machete Kills poster

So, surely by now everyone has seen the new trailer for MACHETE KILLS , and it either made you roll your eyes or laugh your nether regions off (or left you somewhere in between). Well, if Sofia Vergara 's booby guns didn't convince of its worth, perhaps this new promo poster featuring the lovely Michelle Rodriguez will. Or not. I'm not telling you what to do. Regardless,...
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The owner of the iconic leg from The Graduate poster has been revealed!

This should be an interesting tidbit of information for those of you who are fans of the timeless classic THE GRADUATE and remember watching cheesy '80's drama series on television. As you may have guessed, the iconic sexy leg featured on the nostalgic GRADUATE poster wasn't owned by Anne Bancroft, who so devilishly portrayed the seductive Mrs. Robinson in the film. The leg in that poster...
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