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Emmanuelle Chriqui is a wonderful variety of woman

It's fitting Emmanuelle Chriqui was at this Variety Power of Women event. Emmanuelle is definitely all woman and one of the finest all around hotties I've had the pleasure of looking at in my time. Even the relatively minor amount of showing off her sexy dress affords us here puts many of the younger "look at me" types to shame. Emmanuelle is like everything a man could want. She's sweet,...
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Victoria Justice demonstrates her power in a sexy dress

It's apropos Victoria Justice was at this Variety Power of Women event. Girl holds a significant power over me just by standing there looking like the most adorable thing the world has ever seen. Then I become even more helpless to Vicky's control when she turns around and shows us her cute little ass in a tiny dress that puts out just enough cleavage to be dangerous. I'm sure this event...
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Jessica Alba has a whole variety of beautiful

Jessica Alba was at the Variety Power of Women event, looking as sweet and sexy than she ever has. I don't know, is she cuter now than she was 10 years ago? Jessica was the hottest, most sexiest thing in the world back then, but there's something more to her now. It's been awhile since I saw or heard anything from her but pictures like these and magazine spreads, so perhaps being distanced...
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