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Jennifer Lopez provides ample titty action & bitch face at TV premiere

I had figured that Jennifer Lopez's NBC cop show, Shades of Blue would have gotten canceled mid-season because it's not as if we need another melodramatic cop show and CBS kinda has that genre on lock, hogging up the key demographic of retirees and bored housewives. But no, it made its way to a second season which is premiering on March 5th because Sunday is such a busy day for salacious...
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Continuing coverage of Ashley Graham and her massive cleavage

Not to wax gender politics but, it is  still a hot button issue in our society and for good reason. While progress has been made, there are still issues yet to be resolved. More often than not it's been a discourse about imbalances, mostly things that put women at a disadvantage, making it harder for them to get ahead and live independent lives. So instead of looking at this issue...
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