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Katy Perry's hooters are for Hillary

We're doing our best not to get into any of the political shit slinging going on in the US now in the run up to the presidential elections in November. That's not what we're here for. And while we may be politically neutral, there's nothing we can do about the hotties and their affiliation with one candidate or another. Take Katy Perry here, who offered up her titties as a rallying cry...
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Rosario Dawson enjoys the President's balls

Looked like Rosario Dawson was having herself some fun at a pair of presidential inauguration balls last night. Then again, Rosie's the type who could turn a state execution into a party. Am I the only one upset at the appalling lack of Rosie movies lately? I haven't seen her in anything since I accidentally dropped the remote and it switched over to that horrible ZOOKEEPER abomination by...
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