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Salma Hayek gets unbuttoned over her Latin Lover ways

You guys cool with another around of Salma Hayek letting out a little of that load of cleavage she's got? I thought so. Who wouldn't want that? Men, women, dogs, cats, Wildebeests - we all love Salma's titties. It's even better when she gets all excited about her new movie, HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER, waving her arms around and emoting in that animated way not unusual for the ladies of a...
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Hayden Panettiere mixes her geek chic with a little see thru sexy

At first I was a little surprised when Hayden Panettiere's Nashville series got resurrected for another season after getting cancelled by ABC. That doesn't happen very often and I can think of a few other shows I'd deem far more worthy of resurrection than that one. But then I remembered who stars in Nashville and the whole thing became clear. Hayden's got the drawing power big time....
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Let's make some more golden Bryce Dallas Howard moments

All these throwback crime caper movies are starting to blur together lately. It's always the shady guy with the scam of the century, or some criminal kingpin with big ideas, all conspiring to make themselves rich even though their plans eventually lead to some terrible fall and/or inevitable ruin. They also seem to involve today's leading men made into overweight, balding antiheroes. Take Bale...
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Nicole Kidman is doubly glam for Lion press conference & Governors Awards

Kate Beckinsale wasn't the only one doing double duty this past weekend. Nicole Kidman was on the promo trail for her upcoming new movie, LION, which focuses on a young Indian boy who is adopted by a couple in Australia (played by Kidman and 300's David Wenham) and goes back to his home country decades later. Kidman herself knows a thing or two about being an adoptive parent, having adopted...
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Gemma Arterton is so happy because she wakes up everyday as Gemma Arterton

I can think of a few reasons why Gemma Arterton was so happy at the press conference for her new movie THEIR FINEST. It could be the fact that she gets to work with Bill Nighy in this WWII story, which is one of several WWII-themed productions I believe the British entertainment industry is required to produce by royal decree. I could be wrong about that last part. I've decided...
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Emma Roberts & Lea Michele were all smiles at Scream Queens press conference

I have been so happy with the way this second season of Scream Queens is rolling out that I was fairly pissed when they put off the third episode for that far scarier thing with that far creepier villain (you do your own MadLibs on that one). After unveiling what's been going on with Dean Munsch's new role as a wealthy writer with aspirations (& delusions) of grandeur at her "we'll fix the...
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Emma Stone's Venice Film Fesitval photocall for La La Land is pure greatness

No one, and I mean NO ONE, beats Emma Stone when it comes to making the most adorable faces in the world of Hollywood, where everyone is beautiful and scared shitless of making sincere facial expression that might cause their faces to develop wrinkles. It's so refreshing to see Stone relinquish herself to the emotions she's going through and let them show on her face. I think...
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Shailene Woodley makes cute faces at Snowden press conference

Call her a crunchy little retro hippie, I don't mind. But honestly, I don't understand people who think that Shailene Woodley is ugly. Putting aside the basic outer aesthetic, Woodley is civic minded, speaking up at political rallies and protest groups and not just talking out of her ass. She actually lives the life she preaches, using recycled products and artisan wares instead of taking...
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Get your Jessica Alba fix with these Mechanic 2 press conference pics

I think Jessica Alba is really hitting her hottie stride. While many can point out the various points in her career lifespan where she was easily the hottest thing in all of Hollywood, there is something particularly appealing about Jess in her mid-30's, all mommy-ed up and mogul-like. There's something that being the head of a billion dollar company that really amps up the attractiveness...
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Hayley Atwell shows her conviction about her show by looking gorgeous

Our beloved Hayley Atwell continues to make the case for her new Conviction show and looking gorgeous while she's promoting it. I love looking at Hayley, but I'm a little sad about how scarce her once frequently seen cleavage shows have become. Remember those days not so long ago when an event like this would have been the perfect excuse to show off those precious boobs of hers?...
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Elle Fanning looks like she just stepped out of a Disney cartoon

The press conferences and premieres and publicity events in support of Elle Fanning's THE NEON DEMON have come on in rapid fire mode as of late. As the star of the show, Elle has been at the center of most of these various events. Her latest press event for the movie might be my favorite. Am I crazy or does she look very much like an animated character from some old Disney cartoon here...
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Mike & Dave aren't the only two who need a date with Anna Kendrick

The release of MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES is closing in on us which, no doubt, has all of you Zac Efron fans brimming with anticipation. His latest foray into comedy – this time without the aid of a comedic heavyweight like Seth Rogen – is rated R for crude sexual content and some graphic nudity. It's safe to say those promises won't be fulfilled by the notoriously...
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