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Kate Upton should be very proud of herself, and she totally is.

Well, last week it seemed like we were on a non-stop T&A train with Kelly Brook and her many bikini adventures , so why let this Kate Upton train come to a sudden halt? Now that all the beautiful Sports Illustrated swimsuit models have been revealed, they're now heading out on their press tour to get drunk while Kate Upton does all the talking. On "Late Night with David Letterman",...

I don't know about the critics, but I'd gladly make Nina Dobrev my choice

I guess this is the time of year when TV networks start rolling out all their stars in award shows and press tours in a desperate attempt to wrangle a rapidly dwindling American attention span back into giving a shit about TV shows after the long holiday break. All this before February sweeps come around and everybody at the networks start to freak at their dwindling relevance in today's...

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