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Olivia Munn brings her revamped hotness to the Letterman studios

I've waffled back and forth regarding whether or not I'm a fan of Olivia Munn and I can say this - I don't like her acting thus far. That doesn't mean that I'm not open to considering that she has room for improvement. That doesn't mean that I'll go out of my way to avoid looking at her either. The woman is distinctly beautiful and I've never denied that physically, she's a total babe. I...

I can't defy Julie Benz's happy wave of loveliness

I never really understood why they decided to change the SciFi channel to the SyFy channel, but then again, I don't watch much of what airs on that network, so I don't have any huge complaints. With the new series they will be airing soon, something called "Defiance," about aliens looking to make a treaty to stay on Earth since their previous planet was destroyed, getting the no-aliens of any...

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