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Classic Hotties: Morgan Fairchild

There are a couple of very different things that come to mind when I think of Morgan Fairchild . Foremost in my mind are memories of the smokey-voiced, intimidatingly hot, mega-bitch she played on many of the shows I was too young to watch back in the day. Then there's the secondary memory of a chubby guy in a bad suit on SNL, bragging on his delusional marriage to this blonde bombshell....
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Battle of the Babes #243: Cuoco vs Liu vs Righetti

Since you all seemed to get into the spirit when I did a battle of the Jewish actresses (brunettes one week, blondes the next, redheads after that until we came to the finale and the winner was NATALIE PORTMAN!! with 17 votes out of the 38 cast), I thought that it might be a cool thing to continue doing. This time I'm going to pit major network babes (CBS, NBC, ABC) in the first...
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