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Blake Lively is happy to be a hottie for Gucci (and for us)

After seeing this group of pictures, I can kind of come to one conclusion: Damn, Blake Lively looks incredible in yellow. Not like she doesn't look good in any other color (or just without clothes all together, for that matter), but it sure does bring out the beauty of being a blonde. The details on this photoshoot seem a little vague, but I suppose Gucci nabbed Blake recently to promote...

I want to bed Alba's beyond in a bath

Alright. I wanted to apologize for how awful that title is. Anyway, here we can see Jessica Alba shopping around Bed, Bath and Beyond in Santa Monica. While the pics seem a little intrusive upon first glance, it makes me think I should just stick around shopping centers around California in hopes to see Alba doing her thing.  I'd like to think my first reaction when seeing...

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