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Maria Menounos and Bryan Cranston join arses at the Critic's Choice Awards

There was a time when I was positive that Kelly Brook was easily the most frequently drooled over hottie on MovieHotties, but now I'm starting to think Maria Menounos is scheming to steal the throne (we'll need to buy some bigger cushions). It's a magical mystery as to why Maria has just recently grown on people, myself included, even if they've never watched...

Kaley Cuoco makes me Cuoco for Cuoco puffs

So I haven't caught up on "The Big Bang Theory" lately (seems like I've been hearing about it since the dawn of existence), but my eye has been crazy-glued to Kaley Cuoco for longer than I can remember. I'd say Kaley's reached a new height of stardom over the past couple years, what with her hosting the People's Choice Awards in 2012, and then being asked to host again in 2013 (they...

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