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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Sexiest Movie Scientists

The long brewing next installment in the JURASSIC PARK franchise releases today, starring the lovely Bryce Dallas Howard as the head dino crackpot, deluded into thinking nature wont find a way to allow giant reptiles to eat people alive. Hottie scientists are a rare breed in society. The lifestyle tends to monopolize time that might otherwise be spent on excesses of personal...
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Face Off: Linda Cardellini vs. Charlize Theron

Hailee Steinfeld was your favorite new hottie , compared to Abigail Breslin anyway. Not sure if I agree with that one. Hailee is beautiful alright, but she's still a little too innocent for my tastes. Abigail, on the other hand, seems like she's in a big rush to grow up. Might still be a little too early for her to appropriately make use of that eagerness, but in a couple years I'd say...
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Top 10 Toughest Hotties of 2012

Women in the movies really kicked some major ass this year, whether it was physically or wrecking traumatic emotional damage on someone who felt as if they'd been kicked while they were down at the end of it. Women have show coolness, an ability to get shit done by themselves and essentially held their own strongly against the men who were action stars, especially where the box office dollars...
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