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Who Zahia Dehar is isn't as important as how well she wears a tight dress

I don't know a whole lot about who Zahia Dehar is. We've featured her around here a few times, for reasons that are obvious. From what I gather from the briefest of Wikipedia searches, she was a former teen prostitute who got some French soccer stars in trouble a few years back by taking money from them for sex while underage. Zahia then parlayed the press attention that scandal received...

You should feel justified about wanting to drop by Cathy Baron's place

If you're a fan of the FX show Justified, you might recognize Cathy Baron , who plays working girl Teri on the show. She's the latest in their collection of somewhat lesser known celebs giving us sexy tours around their places. Cathy does for me what most brunettes who go blonde do, namely give me an itch to see them with their natural color. I almost always think they look tons better with...

Zahia Dehar at a charity dinner, but with much more cleavage

Here's former prostitute and now lingerie designer Zahia Dehar at the Sidaction Gala Dinner at Pavillion d'Armenonville in Paris or in layman's terms, a AIDS charity dinner in France. I'm not sure how I would eat anything with that much cleavage in my face, but to the people that were able to deserve some sort of charity in their honor. I don't know what it is, but the exaggerated features...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Sasha Grey

What is this I hear about porn star Sasha Grey trying her hand at the acting business? Well I suppose technically she's always been an "actress" but now we finally get to see more from her... well not literally. You know what I mean. But back in 2009 Grey actually worked with director Steven Soderbergh for the flick THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. In this film Grey played a New York call...

Emma Watson does her best Hollywood Blvd. hooker for British GQ

There's something kind of familiar about Emma Watson's cover for May's British GQ. What is it? Oh yeah, this: Pretty obvious callback to Julia Roberts doing her streetwalker routine in PRETTY WOMAN. Yet another stab at killing off her Hermione days no doubt. She's been working hard at that lately. She's got her own "youths gone wrong" robbery movie coming out soon called THE BLING...

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