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Our Video Tribute to the Awesome Amy Adams!

Today we pay tribute to a gorgeous gal who's been on our minds for over a decade, Amy Adams . The redheaded hottie has come a very long way with her career, and has received a great amount of recognition for her work as an actress, including an Academy Award this year for AMERICAN HUSTLE . Amy has taken on some intriguing and inspiring roles over the years, but she's...

Exclusive Video: MovieHotties tribute to babes on the beach!

You may remember when we presented our video tribute to "Hot Movie Car Washes" a couple months ago (if not, you can check it out here on YouTube , where it currently has over 311,000 hits). It was outrageous, raunchy, exploitive and downright salacious , but to my befuddled flabbergast, apparently people like that kind of thing. Now that summer has officially hit us like a ton...

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