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Emilia Clarke would really like you to see her new movie

I saw the trailer for Emilia Clarke's new movie ME BEFORE YOU, about a woman who becomes caretaker to a disabled man who she then falls in love with. Looks like nothing less than the most chick flick movie ever made. Even the trailer was just dripping with an excessive amount of sentiment and sap. Quite a far cry from Emilia's front page gig as Daenerys-Khaleesi-Mother of...
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Amber Heard pushes Magic Mike XXL by selling us on her insane hotness!

Who loves Amber Heard ?! Everyone in the damn world, that’s who! The electric Mrs. Depp was all smiles at a press conference for MAGIC MIKE XXL over the weekend and these images prove she’s incapable of looking bad at any event, no matter how low-key it may be. The first Magic Mike had the help of Soderbergh’s direction to make it a little more subversive than I’m sure...
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These half naked models are so money

The models walking around London yesterday would have had the guys from SWINGERS doing head explosions at the sight of 4 money hotties strapped in money. It would have been nice if this was some sort of new fashion trend, but in reality it's just a publicity thing for the Blu-ray release of THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, recreating Margot Robbie's now infamous cash smuggling scene. Which is...
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Dammit Kim Kardashian, why do you have to look so hot?

Ugh, it would be so much easier if Kim Kardashian's looks matched the emptiness of her personality, but dammit, that's just not the case. Woman is all kinds of bangable in those garters. Kim is flaunting her fat ass in Factice magazine this month, along with the slaughter of small animals for decoration. She better be careful, some PETA psycho is going to douse her in red paint for her...
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