Kaley Cuoco will be there, butt she's got to gas up first

When Kaley Cuoco is not busy being on shows or red carpets or sidewalks with drinks, she's riding her horse. So often is she mounting her large, brown friend, that TMZ probably has a guy waiting around at some LA stable just to capture shots of Kaley doing various show jumping stuff. Normally such moments elicit little more than yawns, but yesterday was a different story,...

Selena Gomez pumps and pumps away in a sexy black dress

Another day, another Selena Gomez post. Not like I'm complaining, or anything. Seriously, it seems that everyday goes by, Selena gets THAT much hotter. A few years ago, she was maybe at a 61.04867% on the Hot-O-Meter, the results of which I gather with my special Hottie At Home Statistics Kit. Now, though, she's at a 73.86277% on the Hot-O-Meter and again, it looks like there's...

Anyone curious about the state of Natalie Portman's ass?

After all, Natalie Portman's ass has endured a lot of potentially damaging behavior over the last few years. First off, she got married, which tends to do a number on the female body once they become contented with their new, more permanent relationship situation and decide to ease up on their workout routine. Then she had a kid, which can also balloon up the backside. Finally, she entered...

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