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It's Mandy Moore's turn to get attacked while looking hot pumping gas

I love to see when a plan comes together. After selling Mandy Moore a car a few weeks ago, I calculated exactly when she would run out and stop at a gas station. How I knew exactly what gas station she was going to go to and at what time, I can't tell. I can't be spilling out ALL my secrets. Anyway, I paid a homeless man five bucks to wait and take pictures of her with my camera and damn,...

Ashley Tisdale is caught turning it up and pumping it unleaded, maybe

I never really realized how lucrative it must be to chill at a convenience store with your high grade camera and just wait until celebrities come to pump gas. Not only will you be the coolest kid in school and end up having a few passer by-s give some spare change to your loitering ass, but every now and then, you'll get hotties like Ashley Tisdale coming to do what the rest of us so...

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