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Gigi Hadid references Queen songs for her new photoshoot

I'm not sure if what Gigi Hadid has here technically belongs in the pantheon of fat bottoms Freddy Mercury and Queen celebrated so very long ago. She's got enough meat back there to squeeze by though. It's certainly a more substantial ass than some I could name. The rest of Gigi's barber poled bod ain't looking too bad either in this photo shoot for whoever. She's doing what she should be...
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Face Off: Charlize Theron vs. Emily Blunt

In the battle of the fantasy franchise hotties , it was Emma Watson who carried the day against Emilia Clarke . Clearly Emma's Potter cred remains a powerful weapon in her hottie arsenal all these years later. I wonder how many opinions would be changed if Emilia starts getting naked again. This week we're getting both Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt no doubt engaging in...
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Charlize Theron is a killer queen of the road warriors

I do love me a sexy Charlize Theron spread. Charlize in something minimal and leggy has been a traditional favorite of many since before Joblo even existed. That's how long she's enjoyed top of the hottie heap status. From the looks of things in her newest GQ spread, THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR star doesn't intend to come down from those lofty hottie heights any time soon. I...
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Get on your knees for Dianna Agron, who's looking like royalty

Sometimes it's just nice to catch up with a hottie to make sure she's doing okay. She doesn't have to be doing anything incredibly important and if they're not found in public doing something crazy or promoting a movie, it's easy to sometimes forget about them - even for a moment. Thankfully, Dianna Agron popped her pretty little head up at a play called MCQUEEN for its...
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Face Off: Natalie Dormer vs. Emilia Clarke

Faced with a choice between Emma Watson and Ashley Greene , more folks went with Emma, though the love for Ashley was clearly there. Emma's got an automatic cheering section few can contend with. The real question is how long that will endure. Another 10 years from now, when she's far removed from her days as a wizard, there's no telling how such a competition might go. Well, our...
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Flashback Friday: Here's 40 for Tiffani Thiessen's 40th

I might be tempted to feel kind of sad or depressed about the teen queen hotties from my youth starting to enter their 40s. I keep positive only by the virtue of their lasting appeal. Take, for example, the subject of today's flashback opportunity, Tiffani Thiessen , who just celebrated her big 4-0 yesterday. Ain't nothing decrepit about her. Quite the contrary. Like many of...
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Battle of the Babes: Queen of Texas FINALS! Selena Gomez vs Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Gina Carano

Last week for the final round of the hotties from Texas was another close call. While it was figured in my head that the internet wasn't going to allow a loss to Summer Glau, the mixed message of referring to them as the Tough Babes (thought hadn't even crossed my mind when I paired them all up) landed Gina Carano the final spot in what is now the FINALS. Who will be your ultimate Don't...
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Battle of the Babes #263: Michelle Rodriguez vs Gina Carano vs Summer Glau

Holy frickin' Schmoe did we have a tight race last week when JLove and Amber Heard vied for the top spot and their third contender, Leven Rambin pretty much got shut out. It wasn't until the last couple of votes were cast that I could identify upcoming MILF, Jennifer Love Hewitt as the second entrant into the Queen of Texas Battle. Now it's time to look over three more and decides who...
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