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Face Off: Rashida Jones vs. ZoŽ Kravitz

No definitive winner in last week's Face Off between Kat Dennings and Melissa Rauch . That's as it should be. Two women with beautiful, curvy bodies and nice racks - you can't go wrong with either one. This week both Rashida Jones and ZoŽ Kravitz have their movies INSIDE OUT and DOPE coming out. Those two come with a few things in common, besides having new movies premiering....
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Rashida Jones is beautiful inside and out at the Inside Out premiere

It's an exciting time when a new Pixar movie is coming out. This new one, INSIDE OUT, is an especially ambitious endeavor by the legendary animation studio. So far it seems to be a gamble that's paid off, if the positive reviews can be believed. It would be nice to see them get back on track after a few somewhat middling efforts over the last few years. Putting Rashida Jones in this was a...
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Stana Katic makes Quincy Jones a happy man at the premiere of Mandela Long Walk to Freedom

Is Quincy Jones looking for wife number four? He certainly looks happy to be posing for pictures with "Castle" star, Stana Katic outside of the Los Angeles premiere of the film MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM (which happens to star the irrepressibly sexy Idris Elba). But it might be that with her hair styled that way and the bright orange and well-cut Stella McCartney dress that she's got on...
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Face Off: Aubrey Plaza vs. Rashida Jones

It looked like all my comic fans were still recovering from SDCC during last week's Face Off . Either that or the geek contingent couldn't bear to choose between the two X-men film iterations. Those who did vote seemed to be more for the OT crew. Fine choice. I wonder which group will take the hotness lead in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Based on how X-MEN 3 ended, I'm going to say First Class has...
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