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Take a hot dose of Alison Pill

I've heard some lamentations about the fact that Newsroom is wrapping up its run this season. I can't share in that sadness. I just couldn't get into that show. Something about the whole idea of going behind the scenes of the news industry outdoes the Sahara for dryness and boredom for me. The bright side of this show is its assortment of underrated hotties, among them Alison Pill , seen here...
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Hot or Not: Abigail Spencer

She's appearing as May in OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL this upcoming weekend and while I know I've watched that old classic a ton of times, I'm still questioning if that May in question turns out to be Dorothy's Aunt May. That's right, isn't it? Why is it that this week's Hot or Not selection has that "I know her, right?" quality about her? Abigail Spencer A great...
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