Kat Dennings busts out for the home shoppers

Kat Dennings and a bunch of other celebs were at some QVC red carpet thing the other night. Why these people chose to have anything to do with such a thing, I cannot say. I can only assume they were getting paid to stand in front of a big wall covered in QVC logos. If you're not familiar with QVC, congratulations on being somewhat well adjusted. You will hopefully never succumb to that...

Can U C Kaley Cuoco's cleavage at QVC? Cause I can.

Frankly, I'm glad I came across these pictures. Normally, I associate QVC with shitty makeup infomercials that never, ever end. It's enough to drive some people to suicide, but now that I'm seeing these cleavage fueled pictures of Kaley Cuoco at QVC's 5th Annual Red Carpet Style Party, I guess I could watch those infomercials a little bit longer. Hopefully, one of these days, Kaley will...

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