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Nicki Minaj goes full boob slip at Haider Ackermann fashion show

While many people are probably going to check out Nicki Minaj and her full exposed boob slash covered nipple look at the Haider Ackermann fashion show in Paris and think of Little Kim the time she attended the MTV Video Music Awards and got felt up by Diana Ross, the rapper is claiming that the inspiration for her daring outfit actually came from Picasso. She posted this image of Pablo's...
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Hottie Report Card: Iggy Azalea

We cover all kinds of hotties around here. On one side of the spectrum you got the sacred hotties, who seemingly can do no wrong in most people's eyes. And then you got those on the other end. I like to think of these as "guilty pleasures." They're the equivalent of the dumb movie you enjoy, despite whatever popular opinion might be. Iggy Azalea seems to fit into the latter...
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Iggy Azalea's nude GQ spread might explain her new bralessness

Frequently when celebs have some kind of big thing coming out, like a concert tour, or a movie, or a spread in GQ, you'll see them doing or wearing things that reference this big thing. It's this attempt at promotion which probably explains Iggy Azalea's recent flirtation with going braless. We all know from past public engagements how it's usually Iggy's outback area which gets the most...
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Hey ass men, Iggy Azalea is single and apparently underwear free now

It's been a tough couple of weeks for hip hop star Iggy Azalea . First she broke up with her basketball player boyfried Nick Young, who was apparently two-timing her. Not a big surprise, considering his nickname is "Swaggy P." Her mistake was assuming someone who self identifies as "swaggy" could ever be reliable as an intimate partner. But then insult was added to injury just recently when...
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Iggy Azalea shows off more than just her Pride in Miami

Sooooo... I don't watch much in the sports world outside of hockey mainly because I get so tired of all these scandals going around in the professional sports world. Guys fighting dogs, guys fighting their significant others, guys just being dicks. Speaking of dicks, Nick Young, the guy who is engaged to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea might have to start watching out for his. One of...
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Let's check on the state of Iggy Azalea's ass

It's been a while since we had any reason to put up any images of Iggy Azalea's once celebrated butt around here. Time was the cheeky, Aussie hip hop wunderkind with the seemingly impossible girth round back, was a frequent feature around here. Then her terrible "music" became increasingly popular for some reason and she started to say dumb things on social media....
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Iggy Azalea shows off her new store bought boobies in Bonds underwear ads

It's been awhile since Iggy Azalea has had some positive press. Earlier this year, so many websites cashed in on Azalea's career implosion after the rapper canceled her concert tour and song collaborations with singers such as Britney Spears crashed and burned. Since then, Iggy has been laying low with the most interesting development in her life revolving around the breast implants she had...
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How can such tiny bikinis contain Coco Austin's giant everything?

I can only attribute the intact nature of the bikinis barely wrapped around Coco Austin for this spread in Black Men magazine as some sort of NASA experiment in super strong material. This is probably something they're testing out as shock absorber material for the next generation rockets. But first they thought they'd wrap it around Coco's absurdly large T&A to see what this new material's...
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Chanel West Coast hosts REHAB pool party like an MTV show pro

If my last name was Dudley, I'd be jonesing to change it too. Not sure (strike that, I'm POSITIVE) that I wouldn't change it to West Coast, even if I'm from that side of the states and even if I was another bimbo-esque blonde trying to carve out a rap music career. But that's what little miss Chelsea Chanel Dudley, aka Chanel West Coast has done. Chanel is known from her time on MTV's...
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Iggy Azalea lets some of the air out of her ass

I'm not one to rip on people too badly for their physical flaws. Personality, behavior, attitude, those are all fair game for insult. However, not being an Adonis makes me more willing to overlook those who might be perceived as wanting in the visual appeal somehow. Despite that, it is telling sometimes to see the reality behind the hype when women like Iggy Azalea are removed from the...
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If this wasn't Iggy Azalea's ass in short shorts, would you still hate it?

The division of opinion where Iggy Azalea is concerned has drawn fairly solid lines between fans and haters. However, circumstance and the strategic placement of paparazzi presented us with an intriguing experiment the other day. Iggy showed up at some place wearing these little short shorts, her butt jiggling in full as she hotfooted it up some steps in fuzzy slippers. Makes me wonder what...
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Let's take a moment and address this Amber Rose situation

Feel free to come at this one with all the down votes you like, as we're probably thinking the same on the subject of Amber Rose here. I see her around from time to time. If you are familiar with those in the so-called "rap game," you probably recognize her. She used to be with Kanye West before he upgraded to a higher priced ass in the form of Kim Kardashian . Recently Amber ended her...
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