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138 Water and Jaclyn Swedberg's sex appeal have finally taken over my life

I have a confession to make, you guys. I have a problem. I know admitting to the problem is the first step, so here it goes: I'm addicted to 138 water. No, no. Not the bottled water itself, but just the advertisements. They have this power over me and I'm put into a trance whenever I see a new batch of pics advertising this wa-wa and I can't help but share them with everyone. Sure, I'm giving...
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Model Natalia Proza breaks her liquid hottie percentage at 138%!

Is water depleting from the Earth or something? Are we in trouble? I ask these questions because…my God…the promotional campaigns for water have just been ridiculously sexy lately. Why is this happening? Are they realizing that the only thing that I drink is beer, rum and soda? Sure, my doctor told me that hydrating myself is important, but when it's someone like model...
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