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At least Emma Stone's SNL portraits are always entertaining

For Emma Stone's third time hosting Saturday Night Live , I was expecting (hoping?) for a lot better than what was delivered this past weekend. I don't actually tune into the aging sketch comedy show when it airs anymore, not with the option of riffling through the clips at my leisure the following day. Also, well, because this shit really sucks. On the rare occasion, usually with the help...
4 days ago
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There ain't nothing little about Maitland Ward's Red Riding Hood shoot

I was waiting for the Maitland Ward Halloween spectacular to drop and the former Boy Meets World star did not disappoint. Maitland rocked the red cape at Little Red Riding Hood in a photoshoot done in the Los Angeles National Forest over this past weekend, with her ginger locks creating a stunning set of images that went from sweet and dare I say even innocent to the more traditional...
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Maitland Ward looks really damn good in green

There is a lot of turmoil and unhappiness in the world in general, not to mention the day-to-day bullshit all of us have to put up with, so it's amazing to have someone like Maitland Ward bringing a smile to so many faces with her simple, straight-forward, uplifting display of cleavage, nipple, butt crack and more. For those of you not following her on SnapChat, you might want to give it a...
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Playboy continues to disappoint with a fully clothed Bella Thorne shoot

One would think that this photoshoot of Bella Thorne was destined for the pages of Teen Vogue, what with its cheeky delivery of some mild cleavage from the former Disney star but nooooooo, it's another nail in the coffin of Playboy, the once great men's magazine that featured beautiful women posing in various states of undress. It's not that the lack of nudity is bumming me out...
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Jennifer Metcalfe's bikini ass started the week and now finishes it

Two bikini moments from the curvaceous Brit beauty Jennifer Metcalfe in the same week is the kind of thing I like to see. There can't be enough chances to look at this woman far as I'm concerned. She's even better this time around, now that she hasn't got some guy threatening to ruin the effect of her butt in a bikini. The British TV star might still not ring many bells to my fellow...
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Forget the Joneses, I wanna keep up with Isla Fisher

40 sure looks good when it comes to pint-sized comedic dynamo, Isla Fisher . It's hard to believe that she's already starting her fourth decade and that after bearing 3 of her giant husbands children, she still looks like a 20-something little whip of a thing. A the Los Angeles premiere of Isla's latest movie, KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES , which co-stars Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and...
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Bryce Dallas Howard is a real head turner in a new shoot for Black Mirror

As far as Bryce Dallas Howard's recent thickness is concerned, how I wish that being bigger or plus-sized or whatever you want to call it, looked this good on everyone else who falls under that designation. Hell, I think Bryce (and Christina Hendricks, etc) looks just as good with some extra meat than she does when she's on the lighter side. Nothing is bulging or jiggling or misshapen....
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Emma Stone's Venice Film Fesitval photocall for La La Land is pure greatness

No one, and I mean NO ONE, beats Emma Stone when it comes to making the most adorable faces in the world of Hollywood, where everyone is beautiful and scared shitless of making sincere facial expression that might cause their faces to develop wrinkles. It's so refreshing to see Stone relinquish herself to the emotions she's going through and let them show on her face. I think...
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Emma Stone was beautiful in blue at the Venice Film Festival

I'm a little bit excited for LA LA LAND to get released. Yes, that's partly because Ryan Gosling is in it and of course, being a heterosexual woman, I love me some sexy Ryan Gosling (the dude is charming, admit it). But the movie is directed by Damien Chazelle, the guy who wrote and directed the amazing WHIPLASH. The guy knows a thing or two about the heart of being inside the music game and...
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Forget Lindsay Lohan, Anne Vyalitsyna has the primo freckled bosom to ogle

You would think that I would be more familiarized with Anne Vyalitsyna . The Russian-American model has had her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ticket stamped for 10 consecutive years, making her one of the most featured models in the magazine's special edition of recent years. But sadly, I've seen more coverage of Lindsay Lohan and her special brand of madness. Sure, she started out as...
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Alicia Witt & her mysteriously ageless beauty stop by Hallmark's red carpet

I don't know what is going on over at the Hallmark Channel, considering that I don't watch it, but apparently that's the network where all of the babes of your early childhood dreams go to earn a paycheck. I've been counting up the women, from Rachael Leigh Cook to Danica McKellar to Lori Loughlin to one of the sexiest redheads of cinema, Alicia Witt . If there's an actress from the late...
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I got the Notion you'll be saying 'Yes' to Meghan Trainor's sexy photoshoot

I get it. You're all sick of Meghan Trainor's hit song, "No." But if we get down to the real nitty gritty, if you had to choose to be tortured by listening to that song or Katy Perry's, um, (fill-in-the-name-of-any-Katy-Perry-song), I'm guessing you'll pick Meghan every day. I'm not talking about living with the singer herself, just her music. Although let's get real. Trainor is a wildly sexy...
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