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Charlie XCX rolled out the stoned look at Rolling Stone Live

I swear I have to look up Charlie XCX's age every time I go to post on her because she looks like a drunken 14-year old most of the time, even if she dresses more provocatively than most of the other young singers right now. According to all sources that seem legit, Charlie is 22-years old, which makes her belligerent face at Rolling Stone LIVE's concert series in Scottsdale, Arizona, all...

I can't defy Julie Benz's happy wave of loveliness

I never really understood why they decided to change the SciFi channel to the SyFy channel, but then again, I don't watch much of what airs on that network, so I don't have any huge complaints. With the new series they will be airing soon, something called "Defiance," about aliens looking to make a treaty to stay on Earth since their previous planet was destroyed, getting the no-aliens of any...


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