Kimberley Garner has great taste in cars, tight jeans

I don't know if this cherry red '65 Mustang belongs to Kimberley Garner or her friend there. It's a nice ride though, whoever it belongs to. I used to have one not unlike this one myself. They turn a lot of heads, not unlike Kimberley - especially when she's got a set of super tight jeans on. I've been saying for awhile that she really is much better suited to life as a life as a...
4 days ago
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Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson teases a lot of leg at a cocktail party in Milan

It looks like it was mom's night out when Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson hit up a cocktail party held by fashion designer Steven Klein in Milan late last week. I don't know why it took so long for images of the singer saucily lifting up her dress and giving us a frontal view of her under butt cheek, but they're here now and all you Fergie fans have something new to fap over. I also don't...
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Brit hottie Georgia May Foote's skirt is delightfully redundant

We first started posting pics of English actress and model Georgia May Foote a few years back. For obvious reasons she's only become more popular since then. Yet for me, her most powerful appeal is the way she's able to take me back to high school days and earlier. She's like an amalgamation of so many characteristics of long lost high school hotties I lusted for in such a big way, yet never...
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A busty Mariah Carey may just bring out the devil in you

Whenever you see Lucifer trying to cut a deal with some conflicted protagonists, he's always played by some shady looking guy you wouldn't let park your car. Funny enough, of all the "deal with the devil" movies that have been made, the one where Elizabeth Hurley plays the fallen Angel, BEDAZZLED, is probably more akin to how Satan would approach manipulating a desperate...
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Charli XCX put on quite the red hot T&A show in Vegas

My goodness! There are times when I'm not 100% sure how I feel about Charli XCX , mainly because her face kind be a little "meh" in certain lighting and particularly heavy makeup, but for the most part I like her voice and the fact that she's trying to be a bit of a tart without completely losing her knickers, like Rita Ora. Then there are times when I see Charli at a performance and all I...
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Amy Adams goes from white to red hot at TIFF

There are a few hotties who seem to be on heavy rotation at this year's various film festivals. Among those who have a bunch of stuff to promote by looking beautiful and hot is Amy Adams , who showed up at TIFF last night in support of her other movie in contention, ARRIVAL. I'm getting kind of intrigued by that one. An alien race of squids (?) comes to Earth in big, gravity-defying...
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Rita Ora's body confidence is red hot

When you've got it, you flaunt it and Rita Ora most definitely knows how to do both. While her singing career doesn't seem to be the brightest, Ora has managed to make a name for herself as a super sexy sometimes actress who travels in all the right circles. While hanging in New York, after having completed her filming on the next FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie, Rita strutted down the street in...
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Adriana Lima saves her hottest bikinis for when she's off duty

We all know a significant portion of Adriana Lima's personal wealth comes from her bikini modelling. Girl has spent the better part of two decades helping to set the standard for how such modelling is done in the 21st century and getting paid royally for her efforts. Of course, everyone has to have some time to themselves (everyone who isn't an American anyway. We're expected to work...
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Krysten Ritter was happy to be glammed up in a sexy red dress

We've seen a lot of Krysten Ritter since Jessica Jones premiered last year. Press conferences, premieres, red carpet events, sidewalks, beaches - they've all been sources for Krysten imagery. Something I've noticed in that 7 or 8 month span is how her demeanor has changed. Time was any Krysten imagery was bound to feature her doing a kind of Morticia Addams thing, looking all...
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead looked sexy as usual with her shifty doe eyes

I'm always of the opinion that Mary Elizabeth Winstead takes the cake in everything. Which is why it's probably a good idea I wasn't at this Fragrance Award thing she attended, as I'd give her every award. For in addition to being beautiful and talented and sexy, I'm certain MEW also smells like a perfect combination of flowers and baking cookies. Unfortunately, we'll never know for sure...
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Salma Hayek's latest photo shoot is red hot

One comment Salma Hayek makes in the interview accompaniment to her Red magazine spread below concerns sex and marriage. According to the busty phenom: Sex is not the key to a happy marriage, but its a side effect. Although not every day! she said. If its every day, it loses its charm. You don't say. Huh, interesting. I wonder what Salma's husband has to say on that topic....
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Jessica Chastain is a hit, even when her movies aren't

Well, I pretty much called it in regards to THE HUNTSMAN: WINTERS WAR. It was a huge bomb, both critically and at the box office. Was anyone expecting otherwise? I wonder about that sometimes. When they're in the process of making a movie like this, which no one asked for or particularly wanted, is it just kinda understood by all involved that they're investing their time and energies into...
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