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Bryce Dallas Howard brings her sweetest late night thickness

Bryce Dallas Howard was on the Kimmel show last night, promoting her movie PETE'S DRAGON, though spending most of her time talking about her dad, director Ron Howard, filming her giving birth to her son. WTF? I hope he kept the shots above the waist. Anyway, Bryce was there with her thickness going great guns in a pair of tight pants. She's also on the cover of Healthy Living magazine this...
21 hours ago
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Molly Quinn knocks our lights out with her complementary colors

Molly Quinn was in contrast to the movie premiere she attended last night. While LIGHTS OUT looks just as creepy as the YouTube videos that inspired it, Molly remained her usual adorable self in modest clothing. I'm a little disappointed that whole sexy little geek thing Molly had going on at one point seems to have given way to this more mundane look. Not that Molly looks bad. I'm just...
7 days ago
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Amy Adams gives Hilary Duff a run for her money in the wearing of butt pants

You know how much of a fan Hilary Duff is of the butt jeans. Repeated imagery of her wearing these super tight, curves enhancing denim beauties have proven her fealty there time and time again. Now it's Amy Adams turn to try on the literal ass pants for her grocery run. Not bad, Amy. I've noticed she's thickened up a bit lately. Not sure what's behind that, but the result is a body not...
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Top 6 Hotties With Dirty Mouths (video)

Does anyone really care anymore if a hottie has a filthy mouth? A woman who can cuss just as well as a guy is kind of a charming quality. You don't have to handle her with kid gloves. She can hold her own. Here are 6 such dirty mouth hotties from movies. Try not to fall in love with one or all of them. What other foul-mouthed hotties still sound pretty good to you?...
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It's all good things when Jessica Chastain gets an urge to show off sexy

I like the thinking behind Jessica Chastain's style at this Paris Fashion Week thing today. I'm of the opinion that more hotties of her caliber should wear clothing of an easily see thru nature. It would make my job a lot easier, for one. It's also I think the general will of everyone who loves and lusts after Jessica. Wanting to see as much of a gorgeous woman like her is a natural thing....
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Sophie Turner brings her leg show to a Game of Thrones photocall

Everybody has their favorite moments from the last two episodes of Game of Thrones season six. While there are many to talk about, one of my favorites was when Littlefinger gave that slight grin amidst every other noble Northerner ushering in John's reign. Both himself and Sansa were the only two in that room who knew everything that transpired – that's including...
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Lindsay Lohan does her best to recapture some of that old hottie magic

I'm sure there are one or two people out there who have no issues with Lindsay Lohan , despite all the shit she's put herself and the rest of us through in the last decade or so. I wish I could be like one of those people who can stay focused on hot redheads with the huge natural tits covered in sexy freckles. Unfortunately all the rest of the shit seems to have an annoying way of...
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Flashback Friday: I'll take Laura Prepon's Hot Donna over her new black

The 4th season of Netflix's celebrated series Orange is the New Black just premiered last week. Telling the story of women behind bars, the show has become a big hit for Netflix and it's stars, among them Laura Prepon . It's a show I've been known to binge watch when a new season arrives, despite the fact that it doesn't have a whole lot to say to me as a heterosexual male, apart...
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Molly Quinn mixes her bright red with virginal white for Jones

Molly Quinn wasn't making it easy to fully appreciate the hottie potential she has most of the time as she attended the premiere of THE FREE STATE OF JONES. Looking more like someone who just came from Sunday worship than the typical red carpet "look at me" style, Molly was keeping what's above her pretty neck as the focus. Which is fine by me, as perhaps her best feature...
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It's always Bella Thorne Galore around here

You might recognize some of these pics of Bella Thorne in a new Galore magazine interview from a much larger gallery we posted a few weeks back featuring the barely dressed barely legal in a sexy orange number. And once again the pap pics prove to be better than the official magazine pics. Did the folks in Galore's editorial staff fail to notice the one most prominent...
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Face Off: Christina Hendricks vs. Ariel Winter

Last week's Face Off proved once again just how resilient Alison Brie's reputation for hotness is, despite her persistent and frequently frustrating teasing. If an unabashed sex scene junkie like Emmy Rossum can't dethrone Alison, I wonder if anyone can. You may be wondering right now why I have two hotties 23 years apart in a Face Off. It's not such a mystery if you think...
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Molly Quinn and her redheaded brilliance need a new gig

I can't honestly feel too much remorse for the cancellation of Molly Quinn's Castle show. To be perfectly honest, I'm probably a small part of the problem there, as I long ago stopped watching it. What can I say? You grow out of shows and concepts after awhile. When I reach the point where it's more interesting to browse the web when a show is on, rather than to actually sit and watch...
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