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The Hotties invade the Vanity Fair 2014 Post Oscars party

The biggest Post-Oscars tradition (after going through the drive-thru for some In-N-Out) has to be the annual Vanity Fair party, partly because it ends up filled with hot models whose main job is to stand around and look pretty and partly because a bunch of the Oscar winners (and non-winners, since no one is really a loser when everyone keeps saying thanks to the other nominees, right? Har har...

Hot or Not: Regina Hall

While all of the purists keep up their bitching regarding the PG-13 reboot of ROBOCOP, how about we look at one of the other remakes getting thrown out into the theatrical market this week (seriously, were the studios in cahoots to get 3 separate 1980's movies distributed on Valentine's weekend? WTF...) and decide the hottie or nottie fate of one of its stars. Regina Hall...

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