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Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio show off their awesome bras

I remember writing about these lovely looking bras just a few weeks ago . Of course the recently released bra is going all out here, with enough sparkles and shiny things that will even bring you to the point that you almost forget that you're looking at awesome boobs in the first place. You just get lost in all the shiny sparkles and intricate Indian-inspired underwear/jewelry. We all,...

Maria Menounos goes down smoother than a straight shot of vodka

I know I like to think of myself as an intense and sexy manly man and, let's be honest, I totally am. There's only one thing that's keeping me from being the best I can possibly be, though. While most manly, manly men people enjoy a straight shot of whiskey or something else that I wouldn't really know because I just don't know these things, I enjoy myself a good, fruity...

Cameron Diaz leaks her SEX TAPE to a cloudy London photocall

No one understands the cloud. Man, that line was the funniest thing in the trailers for SEX TAPE when it was first being circulated around the States and that was giving it a lot of credit. In light of the recent massive misunderstanding of the iCloud, I wonder how the movie is going to play across the pond. It didn't do all that well here, when you compare its numbers with that of the other...

Scarlett Johansson can be the captain to my soldier any day of the week

Well, another movie, another endless promotion. Now that Marvel is planning their 18,000th film, CAPTAIIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER , to come out in another month or so, the screenings and premieres begin. Scarlett Johansson totally brought the sexy to this premiere in a figure-hugging outfit that's got me excited in all the wrong places.  The blouse thing or whatever she's...

I'd play with Sarah Hyland over an XBOX ONE any day

I'm not sure if you recognize this cutie, but her name is Sarah Hyland and she plays Hayley in Modern Family . I don't know why exactly she's at the official launch of the XBOX One (it's probably because those astounding eyes of hers match that XBOX green perfectly), but maybe that means she's a geek like me. That makes me giddy. Perhaps we can meet up for apple juice and ice cream (it's...

Jennifer Lawrence loses the hair, but gains more of my love

If there are two things in this world that I love more than anything else, it's brunettes and long hair. Everything about this post should have me throwing up my papers, jumping out of a window and running towards the setting sun…but oh, my God, I love Jennifer Lawrence . Everything about her makes me giggle like an unfortunate looking schoolboy eating apple sauce (I don't know why, but that...

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