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Hottie Clip: Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Make It Happen

Surely I can't be the only one around this joint to be at least slightly enthused about seeing 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, and not even for the small possibility of seeing whatever the f*ck this thing is again. No, my excitement stems from something much more, and that's the return of Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the big screen. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a LIVE...
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Sarah Hyland works the gladiator boots in Remix magazine

It's still hard to process that "Modern Family," darling, Sarah Hyland is 25-years old. That Ralph Macchio gene she's rocking is seriously doing her favors, extending her career by decades if she keeps up her slow aging process. The petite actress is currently the cover model for the December 2015 issue of Remix magazine, which looks as if it's trying to sell summer long before it arrives....
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Scarlett Johansson

Excitement is in the air as THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Hulk smashes into theaters. As a Marvel movie fan, one of my only struggles with them is that I can't see the characters sometimes, because the screen is so dark. I'm sure there's some "artistic" angle to it, but to me, it just looks like the lighting crew was taking a nap during half the production. I...
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Britney Spears brings back the golden goddess sexytime for Shout and Scream promos

Whatever, I don't care, I like Britney Spears now. Strip away those years of her parents pimping her out as a child star so that they could reap 401K benefits off of beast with two backs moments they shared with one another. Stop thinking about when she went nuts or shaved off her hair or any of that. No KFed. No K-WayTooWell-Fed either. Just think about the right producers that she's hired...
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