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Top 6 Hottest Ass-Kicking Babes (video)

Times have really changed when it comes to how the ass-kicking is distributed between characters in the typical action movie. In decades past, kicking of the asses was handled predominantly by one individual, usually a rippling male made famous for how many asses they managed to kick in the course of the standard movie run time. Nowadays, asses are kicked in a much more evenly...
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Top 6 Hottest Zombie Slaying Babes (video)

One area where movies maintain a healthy amount of equality between the sexes, is in the area of zombie-killing. We see just as many women taking out the festering corpses of zombies as we do men. Although there is something particularly hot about how the ladies take up arms and defy the zombie apocalypse. Here are 6 examples of the sex appeal inherent in such hotties and the carnage...
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Hottie Report Card: Ali Larter

Every few years we get a new RESIDENT EVIL movie. This new one, RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER, is the 6th in the series and the 4th with this week's Hottie Report Card candidate, Ali Larter . I don't think playing Claire Redfield in these movies every 3 or 4 years qualifies as steady work. Yet for those of us not always down with the gigs she has in those interims, a RE movie...
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Ali Larter gives us a peek at her evil panties

Curious what the odds are on this new RESIDENT EVIL movie being the actual last chapter, as its title would suggest. I'm giving it an 80/20 chance they keep this franchise going in some fashion. These movies have proven themselves a quick money maker. As long as Sony can throw a few million into them and make a profit, they'll find a way to keep cranking them out. This new one could put the...
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Face Off: Zoe Saldana vs. Michelle Rodriguez

As talented and widespread as Alicia Vikander has become in the last year, it was Gal Gadot who most of you found to be the better hottie in last week's Face Off . Makes sense, what with her Wonder Woman cred. I find it heartening how despite the mixed reception BvS received and all the gripes about her casting, Gal seemed to be the only part of that movie people were widely...
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Sexy TwitPics: Milla Jovovich

Fans of the RESIDENT EVIL film franchise will be salivating like mad zombies over this week's TwitPic pick, the one and only Milla Jovovich . Since this is supposed to be the month of goblins and ghouls, it seems like a damned appropriate time to enjoy some social media Milla. However, I should warn those who aren't fans of this hottie probably won't be...
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Face Off: Ali Larter vs. Kirsten Dunst

More of you preferred Katrina Bowden over Sara Jean Underwood in last week's Face Off . I managed to avoid a tie game there, however they both nonetheless seem to do things in a similar manner and as such I usually like 'em both about the same. This week sees the opening of Clint Eastwood's musical biopic JERSEY BOYS. The boys from Jersey aren't really our thing around here, but I...
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Ali Larter decides to wear leggings while shopping

Isn't it sad how little we see of Ali Larter ? If only she was everywhere all the time because this is a seriously hot lady. I want to see her in more than just FINAL DESTINATION and RESIDENT EVIL, ya know? I suppose the Hottie gods were listening to my prayers because I got an eyeful of wonderful, miraculous booty this morning and it is a very pleasant sight, indeed. Here we can see Larter...
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Michelle Rodriguez confirms that she's happy with the beef or tuna

In her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, FAST & FURIOUS star Michelle Rodriguez finally confirmed what most of us already pretty much knew - namely that she'd be down for either Mia or Dominic Toretto. That's probably one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood, but it's nice that she doesn't feel like she has to avoid it anymore. While Michelle hasn't really spoken on the subject...
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Kate Beckinsale looks sexy in expensive clothes while going out to buy more expensive clothes

I come from a family completely full of women who like to go out shopping for clothes and purses and other gay shit like that. Many memories disturb my sleep of sitting in a chair and waiting for hours while they tried on blouses and skirts and jackets and bras and everything else. It haunts me to this day. I would, however, go back to all of that, just so I could be with the beautiful, the...
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Flashback Friday: 90s Milla Jovovich Hotness

I was watching cable the other day and caught that biopic CHAPLIN, starring the coked out version of Robert Downey Jr. barely holding it together to play the legendary silent film star. Not a great film IMO, although one of it's great virtues were the memorable scenes involving naked Milla Jovovich , playing one of Chaplin's young brides. It was an accurate portrayal in many ways,...
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Face Off: Michelle Rodriguez vs. Jordana Brewster

Another pitched battle in our previous Face Off episode between Elizabeth Banks and Kristen Bell . In the end, Ms. Banks won the day by a 24 to 16 vote, but a lot of you were pretty agonized about your choice. I'm with my girl Cherry on this one. I like them both, for different reasons. Well we've got another FAST AND FURIOUS movie coming out this week. Perfect opportunity to put...
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